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  1. yes look good nice work
  2. and make all reborn rebirth Total Limit till 1800 so we can take it all max till 300
  3. Attila


    Hello Can i get the donation back i made to server you close ?
  4. they don't work as long as the admin is going to add something there. but admin he had planned to do that a while ago, but still haven't done!
  5. Dark knight uniform its only a skin from dressme and not a armor
  6. yes oke but it is easy to make it work both!
  7. Sorry but still the same has not yet been adjusted.
  8. please fix All Totem skills like Bear Spirit Totem does not work with Angelic icon on and Bear Spirit Totem make it also longer please. thanks
  9. still no Armor drop of it ? now 2 months ago!
  10. how can i put soul crystal to Antharas weapon ?
  11. you mean also the multiskill buffs to make more ?

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