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  1. Hell yeah Works trully great, thanke You 😄
  2. Helll yeah 👏
  3. First thing I wanna say is - Thanke You DariusK for all the work You have done on server. Im here for a year now, and You walking with a mile long steps. I love to play as mage, tho on many multiskill servers ppl say mages sux. Its true, warriors are allways bit better, but Admin did a great job and raised mages on allmost equal way. Working and taking care of server isnt easy, so i must bow to You. For every1 who wants to join us on this server - great community of skilled players, no dramas, no pay to win. Most ppl are helpfull and really nice persons. I cant await new areas with new armors and weapons, im sure it will come really soon 😄
  4. Cant await that ! Great 😄
  5. I mean it dont give any m.att bonus
  6. Certain skills that were unique to fighter now benefit mage also (i.e. warsmith weapon buff "Spike" now gives 5% matk also) --- Nope, its not working 😕
  7. Admin You did a great job 🙂 But is there a way to increase mage skills HIT rate ? Otherwise on 5k c.speed is it still impossible to hit mobs who are red. Thanke You in advance 😄 Strom
  8. Can i bother You once more ? Enlightment works for 1 hour now, but i dont know why they rewrite each other for some reason, which they should not. They allways works together. Magic Impulse works perfect 🙂 Thanke You again and have a great day
  9. Thanke You very much, i know You dont have much time !! Leeets play 😄
  10. Thanke You very much. I searched web it suppose to be this : Enlightenment Wizard (Human class) : s_enlightenment_wizard1 skill ID : 1532 Enlightenment - Skill ID 1532 / Lineage 2 High Five — L2DB.INFO [EN] Enlightenment Healer (Human class) : s_enlightenment_healer1 skill ID : 1533 https://l2db.info/high-five/skills/1533 Magic Impulse ( Kamael class) : s_magic_impulse1 skill ID : 1479 https://l2db.info/high-five/skills/1479/3 Milion thanks, that will make a life for mage really better 😄
  11. Hello there 😄 Thanke You for great server Admin, i like it here a lot. On server i have met great community of friendly players, thats awesome 🙂 I went thru couple of posts here and i must ask You if You can increase buff time for mages buffs as well. If not Magic Impulze, then at least Enlightment please. Thanke You very much and have a nice day With best regards - Strom

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