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    1. DariusK

      Mini Event

      U'll need to find GameMaster DzeMis so good luck to everyone!
    2. DariusK

      Mini Event

      Find GM or Hide and seek
    3. All events are in +3 GTM And nice one!
    4. Hello there, alot of events will be announced and held in Facebook or Discord, so dont forget to follow and join them bouth. Facebook - CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW Discord - CLICK HERE TO JOIN
    5. Forum right now has 2 themes, and you can choose, default theme is this white, but you can change color to black right here on top, and change theme in bottom.
    6. Hello there dear players, I want to introduce you Watch Your Back (wyB) Lineage 2 High Five version server witch custom systems. What you can find in our server : And you dont need to buy anything to get the best gear in server! Server Stats : Boosts like vitality with 300% Exp and SP boost Boosts from VIP Level, more levels more boosts , so you can level up to 85 lvl in a hour Experience: 3x Skill Points: 3x Adena: 3x Drop: 3x Spoil: 3x Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +30 High rates to make +30 Buff slots: more then 40+ Buff time: 2h/4h Olympiad: One week period (nomination Monday), match take place at 18:00 till 00:00 everyday. Community Board System , whats in it : A video about community board : YOUTUBE LINK Events (12 events) for more fun ingame Teleports to all towns Shop - where you can buy everything what you need Raid Bosses - shows if they are alive, where they are, all info about them and Epic Bosses Drop Info - if your not finding item or monster you can search here Buffer - Buffer for you, you can even create a custom buffer Services - where you can find eveything from warehouse, blacksmith, symbols, subclasses and so on Help - all voice commands witch can be typed in chat like .online witch shows how much players are online Statistics - Shows all tops, like pk, pvp, online and so on Server Info - All info about server. Fight Events: Last Hero Team vs Team Lucky Creatures Capture The Flag Treasure Hunt Korean Style Team vs Team round Capture The Base Death Match Monster Attack Solo PvP Zone Team PvP Zone World Events: Leprechaun Valentine Freya Celebration Anegl Cat Hitman Heavy Medal Christmas Squash L2Day Love Your Gatekeeper Coffer of Shadows Master of Enchanting Achievments Elpies Race Grand Wedding Rabbits Gift of Vitality Voice Commands : .ach - command works when achievments event is on .aa - seal stones exchange .bank - (.deposit 500kk adena to 1 goldbar or .withdraw 1 goldbar to 500kk adena) .autoloot - auto loot every item from mobs .changepassword - changes your password .expoff - turn of exp .expon - turn on exp .combinetalismans - as name says its combines talismans .lang - change language from en to ru .hellbound - hellbound status .dressme - as name says .menu - your control panel .notbuffanim - no buff animations .online - shows how much players are online .repair - repair character if something happened .7rb - 7 RaidBosses status .lock - security system so other wount be able connect into your account .teletocl - teleports to clan leader .daily - daily rewards every 24h .sellbuff - sell your buffs to other players .missions - daily , weekly and monthly missions for rewards .stats - your character statistic .autofarm - auto farm system to farm with auto attacks .offline - create private shop and go offline , your character will be online for 10 days (not all commands writen here) Vip Level System : You can level up your vip level just by killing monsters, what gives vip level? more atributes like exp bonus, sp bonus, adena bonus and so on. More level you have , better rewards you can get. Every new month Vip levels restarts. Rebirth Service : You can reborn at 85 lvl and become 1 lvl but with more atributes and be more stronger after every reborn. Doing Rebirths you can choose one from 6 stats (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIT, MEN) right now limit is 300. Multiproffesion System : You can get every other class skill for SP to build ultimate class, so you will be unique and it will be more fun to play. Auto Farm System : Its like bot system when you can farm beeing afk. This system supports 5 modes : Fighers classes, Archer Classes, Mage classess, Support classes and Summoners classes You can try every day only for 3 hours this system For premium players this system is free But if your not a premium player you can buy it with Coin of Luck, witch can be rewarded from Vip Levels Daily Missions, Rewards : You can get rewards just playing game with Online Rewards , or daily rewards by writing in chat .daily , or doing missions just by writing in chat .missions SO JOIN US AND HAVE SOME FUN!
    7. Hello everyone, So what are we planning for the future. Add more custom weapons. Add more custom armor. Add custom maps and new mobs and raid bosses that would only be available to those with a lot of rebirths. Maybe increase the maximum stats because now the maximum stats are 300 on each STR, DEX and so on. Put a new currency in which you can buy for real money, and we will use that money to buy new items, bosses, monsters, maps to make playing more interesting for you. Maybe create another server - PVP with higher rates without multiskills and so on. And if you have any suggestion, we will always be happy to listen to you!
    8. New Update v3 [2021.10.12] Whats new in it? FIrst download patch or full client , because you wount be able to see new items. All new items will drop in Premival Isle (HARD) There are monsters much harder to kill but you will get better drops, like Elegia items and best weapons + newest custom weapons Antharas witch is the best weapons right now in server. There are 4 new Sets (not finished yet, need to add stats) . Monsters from Premival Isle will drop them too when it will be finished. New Sets are : Aurum Set Heaven Set Olympus Set Ferrum Set Soon there will be more sets and weapons , right now we are working on custom weapons named wyB Weapons here is one of them in photo.
    9. Full Client Downloads Version 3.0 Mega : Download Here (Updated to v3) Media Fire : Download Here (Updated to v3) Google Drive : Download Here (Updated to v3) Patch Downloads Version 3.0 Mega : Download Here (Updated to v3) Google Drive : Download Here (Updated to v3) Media Fire : Download Here (Updated to v3) Auto Updater Mega : Download Here Google Drive : Download Here
    10. DariusK

      wyB L2 Updater

      Version 1.0.0


      Update wyB L2 Client files to newest
    11. Version 3.0.0


      wyB L2 Patch v3 - New Login screen , new custom armors (not finished) , new custom weapons and so on
    12. Welcome to the wyB L2 Forum. Most of you probably don't use discord, so we planned to create a forum to make it easier for everyone to connect with each other. All info everything about our Lineage 2 Server, or even Servers will be posted on this forum, all events , updates and so on.
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