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  1. I think i will disable hide skill so no one will be angry and it will be more fun in pvp without hide
  2. Hello everyone , today our server did some changes to mage skills, thanks to our member DoDoS, now mager are more stronger. Balance -[Summary] Mages was far away from fighters at farm,pvp so we give them a boost so they can follow up the evolve of the server New Power At Skills: Leopold Aura Blast Vampiric Mist Hurricane Prominence Hydro Blast Death Spike Soul Of Pain Have fun mages!
  3. Thanks for playing in your server, testing armor stats and so on
  4. Hello everyone, I am looking for help to complete the season 2, I need 1-2 people, the tasks are not difficult, because I have a job and not so much free time, but when I always have to add and have something new, if there is anyone to help, you can write to Discord or here in PM, thankfully I will give you GameMaster status both in the forum and in game, and we will work together on further works. Because there is little left to do. And i want to build another server with no multiskill or rebirth , just good old retail h5 server with craft skill selling and so on , where every adena is worth.
  5. Season 2 will be with premium client witch will work only on wyB Server, here is some photos, client interface without bugs and so on, alot of custom options for better play
  6. when i'll be at home after work i'll see what i can do
  7. Some new stuff, after game server restart in 2022.02.13 there will be new. All totems will stack and much more skills just check it by yourself. Increased atk speed/matk speed = 10.000 , speed = 650, crit rate = 800, mcritrate = 650 Buff slots for normal person = 60 , for premium player = 99
  8. {Prelude Release} Balance in Aden - Rise of the Mage General - Many buffs and skills now stack together that previously did not, making BOTH fighters and mages more effective - Over 100 skill times changed to be 2 hours - Health requirements and condition have now been removed for the majority of buffs/skills that require low HP - Weapon requirements have been removed from the majority of buffs/skills that require a specific weapon Mage Revamped - Many buffs that increase patk now increase matk also - Many buffs that increase atk speed now increase casting speed also - Some skills have their reuse time lowered to be better for pve & pvp - MP regen increased at lower levels - Casting speed has been increased so users can choose robes or light armor with same benefit of casting speed - Certain skills that were unique to fighter now benefit mage also (i.e. warsmith weapon buff "Spike" now gives 5% matk also) Speed - Speed buffs now stack and are changed to 2 hours
  9. Done after server restart in morning those buffs will be 1hour long
  10. wyB Season 2 plan and whats done. 3 New Custom weapon sets client and server - done 3 New Custon weapon sets stats adjustment - done 9 New Custom Armors client and server - done 9 New Custom Armors stats adjustment - done 2 New PvP Custom Maps - done 2 New Epic Boses client and server - done 2 New Epic Boses stats adjustment - still working 2 New Raid Boses client and server - done 2 New Raid Boses stats adjustment - still working New mobs client and server - done New mobs stats adjustment with new item drops - still working Adding new mobs and Boses to new map - still working Updating topic when something is done.
  11. Just write a list if buffs correct names, because i need to search ID's of those buffs and then increase time.
  12. DariusK


    Digital products We do not issue refunds for digital products once the order is confirmed and the product is sent. We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving our products. You used them and played with that, its like you pay or apple and eated , and then asf for money back, i turned (C6 - Interlude) Server off , because no one was playing , and for one person to keep a server is not a great deal. I better keep my time with updates for h5 Server, because people are playing it.
  13. i'll search for a solution when i'll have time
  14. After reset in morning those skills will be longer Dash 1h Counter critical 1h Spirit sharing 1h Resist earth 1h Soul roar 1h Ogre Spirit Totem 1h rabbit spirit totem 1h Deflect arrow 1h Blazing skin 1h Spirit of Shilen 1h Flame Icon 1h Blood pact 1h Eye of slayer 1h Pride of kamael 1h Blessing of sagittarius 1h Shield of revenge 1h Combat aura 1h Deflect magic 1h Song of purification 1h Song of wind storm 1h Battle whisper 1h Dance of blade storm 1h Improved combat 1h Improved magic 1h Improved Condition 1h Improved critical attack 1h Improved movement 1h Chant of blood awakening 1h Guts 1h Frenzy 1h Zealot 1h Angelic icon 1h

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