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  2. Thanke You Diritos 😄 Thats exactly my thoughs.
  3. Well ubags that's not true i can easy handle your hits at that moment and you can't kill me anymore if i don't want it,you use to login and kill people for fun and now that you find someone stronger you cry like a baby about skills,i was fighting you before i even know about the skills cd i found it out by luck,and the delete hide skill will not solve "ubags's" problem i still will be able to rush him down while he will run,(if we start deleting skills cele/heal must be deleted too because ubags damage can't do nothing if i just heal my self while he hit's me at that moment) if you wan't fun in pvp and take some time to kill each other it only can that happend by incrase pdef of armors that will be possible with start of season 2 with costum armors and no skill need to be deleted.
  4. You probably don't understand that a person hits and disappears ... and the server is such that everyone is one hit ... What's the point of me using Spread Wings? He catches me .... not me
  5. I think i will disable hide skill so no one will be angry and it will be more fun in pvp without hide
  6. Agree with You Syphel. I was just angry that he post this after a looong time what he know about it, but until someone used it against him - everything was fine.
  7. Use Spread Wings to unhide them. Anyways agreed that such skills shouldn't be work, nor any kind of invincible skills (barriers).
  8. LOL Said one who uses it as first. Now when anyone else then you use it and you got beated so badly its wrong ? Dont act like a coward. Nothing is wrong, just try to use some tactics, different then yours hit and celestial ...
  9. Good evening. There was a castle siege yesterday and I have one observation. Because after a lot of DEX skill reuse is no longer. All skills can be used non-stop. E.g. "Hide." It all pvp looks like this ... "hit and hide -> hit and hide -> hit and hide ..." So for pvp archers and nukers are no longer needed, because they can't do anything, a man with a hide bounces behind his back and 1 hit ... So where is the balance? Suggestion: take out Hide; make skill reuse; increase inhumanly P. Def. Or do you have other thoughts on how to fix a server? Everyone who says that everything is fine here - don't even comment ...
  10. Hell yeah Works trully great, thanke You 😄
  11. Hello everyone , today our server did some changes to mage skills, thanks to our member DoDoS, now mager are more stronger. Balance -[Summary] Mages was far away from fighters at farm,pvp so we give them a boost so they can follow up the evolve of the server New Power At Skills: Leopold Aura Blast Vampiric Mist Hurricane Prominence Hydro Blast Death Spike Soul Of Pain Have fun mages!
  12. -Easy and friendly skill learning. -Easy and fast way to make rebirths. -Retail and open world(not like some new servers that only few costum zones exist). -Friendly community. -Admin(familiar with the game,always keep evolving the server) -Premium can be bought with in game farm!!! -Costum Armor/Weapons/Farm Areas comming soon we can't wait! (i like how skills are learned by Alt+B multiproffession and in farm area!|-|and how we are able to do rebirth's from Alt+B in farm area too|-|fighters-mages both are playable in this server!)
  13. Thanks for playing in your server, testing armor stats and so on
  14. First thing I wanna say is - Thanke You DariusK for all the work You have done on server. Im here for a year now, and You walking with a mile long steps. I love to play as mage, tho on many multiskill servers ppl say mages sux. Its true, warriors are allways bit better, but Admin did a great job and raised mages on allmost equal way. Working and taking care of server isnt easy, so i must bow to You. For every1 who wants to join us on this server - great community of skilled players, no dramas, no pay to win. Most ppl are helpfull and really nice persons. I cant await new areas with new armors and weapons, im sure it will come really soon 😄
  15. Hi there. Czech Republic is my country, i live near to Prague. Im playing L2 for 10 years, and i love Multiskill servers. Some ppl know me as Sarevok, my favourite nickname. Nice to meet You all, hope we have fun together. Kind Rewards Grandpa Strom
  16. Cant await that ! Great 😄
  17. Hello everyone, I am looking for help to complete the season 2, I need 1-2 people, the tasks are not difficult, because I have a job and not so much free time, but when I always have to add and have something new, if there is anyone to help, you can write to Discord or here in PM, thankfully I will give you GameMaster status both in the forum and in game, and we will work together on further works. Because there is little left to do. And i want to build another server with no multiskill or rebirth , just good old retail h5 server with craft skill selling and so on , where every adena is worth.
  18. yes look good nice work
  19. can't wait for the launch !
  20. Season 2 will be with premium client witch will work only on wyB Server, here is some photos, client interface without bugs and so on, alot of custom options for better play
  21. I mean it dont give any m.att bonus
  22. Certain skills that were unique to fighter now benefit mage also (i.e. warsmith weapon buff "Spike" now gives 5% matk also) --- Nope, its not working 😕
  23. For a future update would be cool seeing more bonusses such as; PvP • PvP Attack (0.35%*100=35%) • PvP Defense (0.35%*100=35%) PvE (for future "super hard zones") • PvE Attack (0.35%*100=35%) • PvE Defense (0.35%*100=35%) Overhall Stats • P.Def (1%*100=100%) < Could be A LOT higher i think, since current ratio between ATK and DEF in game is abyssal. • M.Def (1%*100=100%) < Since MEN gives M.def this may vary. • P.Atk (0.35%*100=35%) • M.Atk (0.35%*100=35%) Other Bonuses • EXP/SP Bonus (0.25%x100 = 25%) %'s are just an example So Rebirth max amount should increased to 2600, if it ever happens ofc. Edit: Didn't added HP and MP since we already have stats which do so (CON/MEN), but should be added if needed! 🤪
  24. when i'll be at home after work i'll see what i can do
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